Sunday, April 10, 2005

Literary Murder? - Errata

Apparently I have been too pesimistic in my assessment of Literature's future. Just take a look at this: Story Nights Attract New Yorkers Like Moths to Flame.

Reminds me of
Spalding Gray's performances (I've only seen Swimming to Cambodia, but I've read that his live performance pieces are much, much better) which has basically the same set-up: A person telling a story. Though here, the storyteller is you.

I am now semi-inspired to try and start something like that here. And why not? Everyone's got a story to tell.

PS. Actually the whole set-up reminds me of a Stephen King short story, Breathing Lessons
. It's a rather effective horror tale that works mostly because of how it builds up to the climax. And what happened to Amazon?! Why this ugly new look? First it's Yahoo! Groups, now Amazon... It's like that Henry James wave that went on some time ago.


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