Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Random Answer

They allowed for only 150 characters so I thought I'll just post it here instead. The Blogger question was, " The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog and the wig."


Once upon a time, there lived a friendly black wig called Wiggy in a nice quaint town called Hairville.

He was a hardworking little wig and worked and worked till he was all sweaty and smelly and oily. But he loved his job at the Aircraft Testing Facility where he operated the Wind Tunnel. Few wigs have the courage to take up that job but Wiggy never hesitated when he was offered the position.

After a day's of labour, Wiggy loves to dive into the lake at the edge of Hairville. The lake was the most favouritest place for all the wigs in Hairville and they all called it Lake Conditioning. Usually Wiggy would then roll around in Towel Fields to dry himself. That helped him to keep clean and made him shine beautifully, like a smart, charming little wig.

However, one day, Hairville was visited by a group of large, green frogs that had ugly black bumps all over their skins. They were huge frogs, loud and boisterous, without manners and extremely rude. One of them even had a pig with him and the two would run around singing at the top of their voices and upsetting the folk of Hairville.

This group of frogs would come to Hairville everyday at sunset and drink in one of the pubs. The loudest, dirtiest and most revolting of these frogs was a big, fat green lump called Bull. The citizens of Hairville were most afraid of Bull because of his huge size and how he always destroys everything he sees once he gets drunk.

Once when the rest of the frog gang had gone back home, a very, very drunk Bull was rampaging across Hairville, stopping at the Towel Fields, where Wiggy was rolling about in.

As Bull burped and farted his way towards Lake Conditioning, intending to take a swim in it, the brave little Wiggy stood up on his hind hairs, ran to block Bull’s path and shouted, “You shall not pass!”

Naturally the bellicose Bull was very angry and wanted to tear Wiggy into strands. “Who dares shout at Bull, son of Froggy, cousin of Kermit!!!” It was a demand more than a question.

Wiggy, brave as always, smirked and replied, “I do, you bad-mannered bald frog! Me – Wiggy, son of Hairy, cousin of Chewie!!”

Bull was now very furious and bellowed in his deep voice, “All the Hell’s Angelic Frogs are bald you philistine! We shaved our heads in rebellion to classification by biological texts! We are not a statistic!!!” And suddenly Bull reared up on his powerful back legs and like a giant spring, launched himself at Wiggy.

Wiggy, because he was uninebriated, was able to dodge the attack easily. Wiggy had an idea and quickly headed towards the Aircraft Testing Facility, where he worked. Bull, because he was utterly and hopelessly drunk and so did not have his wits about him, gave chase.

Once inside the facility, Wiggy lured Bull right into the wind tunnel. Bull thought he had finally cornered Wiggy and was very happy with himself. By now, most of the Hairville citizens have heard or seen the commotion and packed into the facility, watching the action unfold from the viewing gallery.

Wiggy stuck out his tongue at Bull and mocked him, “Come get me Bull!” Infuriated at by insulted by a patch of artificial hair Bull coiled up his own long tongue and then lashed it out towards Wiggy. The brave and agile Wiggy deftly sidestepped and Bull’s tongue hit the wall at the end of the wind tunnel and promptly stuck there! Taking this opportunity, Wiggy ran all the way to the controls and started up the wind tunnel.

Under the sucking force of the wind, Bull the frog was slowly sliding towards the huge fans that are whirling so fast you almost couldn’t see them. At the last moment, his tongue became unstuck and though he tried hard to fight against the fans, it was in vain as Bull finally lifted into the air and zoomed towards the spinning fans.

Everyone on the viewing gallery was cheering for Wiggy, who now stood very proud of his achievement. He knew he was going to be awarded some medal for this civil act. Wiggy started to make his way to his adoring fans when suddenly a ugly pink tongue shot out of the wind tunnel and wrapped around Wiggy. Bull was not dead yet! And now he had gotten hold of Wiggy, dragging him into the deadly fans too! Oh no!!

As Wiggy flew towards the wind tunnel fans he had been operating for years, he looked at the horrified citizens of Hairville in the gallery and uttered his last words, “Run you fools!”

Thus ends the story of the brave little wig who finally gave his life to protect the town he loved so much. To remember their life-loving hero, Hairville renamed the Aircraft Testing Facility to the Wiggy-Beat-Bull-Here Testing Facility.

The End.


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