Sunday, April 17, 2005

Poem for Two Friends

Something I wrote for two friends. The story of their relationship is nothing short of miraculous, considering that they live in two different continents, never met each other in person until recently and are now engaged to be married.

It's amazing how people can change dramatically simply by having a clear goal in mind. I've witnessed my friend grow up in two weeks because he now has a girl he wants to marry and start a family with. Somehow it's as equally frightening as it is touching. Anyway, the poem:

Brilliance Borne of These Hearts Two

People wake up each day to the godly gold of the sun's rays,
They sleep each night under the soft yellow of the moon and stars.
They sail and sing songs of the enchanting green seas,
Write poems of the heavenly skies of quiet blue, desire to swim in them.
They call the emerald moutains magical, majestic.
They call the glowing growing brown earth home.

Let them but just glimpse a sight, just a bit of this
Brilliance borne of these hearts two,
They will surely each stop and stand
In smiling silent admiration and awe
Of this love that contains all the colours of the world,
This love that contains all the world and so much more.

And so much more...


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